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We believe that managing your cloud infrastructure should be simple and transparent.

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Unbeatable cloud control

Gridz is a multi-cloud management dashboard designed to sit over the top of your public / private cloud infrastructure with the capability to save you time, money and frustration. Most of all, the Gridz dashboard is totally FREE. Download it now and get yourself above the clouds.

Fast & Intuitive

Spend up to 40% less time* using our easy to use interface, featuring smart environment templates and advanced customisation options to manage your cloud infrastructure.

Multi-Cloud Support

Already hosted on AWS? You can use Gridz to manage your existing infrastructure. We even allow you to manage multiple cloud vendors simultaneously.

Transparent Pricing

We pride ourselves in being able to offer honest, up-front pricing. With Gridz, you'll always know exactly what you're paying for. No more nasty surprises at the end of the month.

Powerful Cloud Templates

By signing up to our partner program, we can offer custom pre-configured templates reducing your work from days to just a few clicks!
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User Role Management

We've made it easy to manage and control financial, contractor and developer access. A detailed log is kept of all sessions, and all actions made can be reverted at the click of a button.

GDPR, ISO & G-Cloud Compliant

Keeping your data secure has been our priority since 2002. We are ISO 9001, 27001, G-Cloud and GDPR compliant, and we can help you meet the same requirements.

Key Features


Get transparent cost management over private, public and multi-cloud environments

Do you get frustrated by unexpected or unknown costs when managing your cloud infrastructure? With Gridz, we put cost transparency back into your hands. 


Keep track of your organisation's expenditure

With our predictive costs analysis feature, you'll be able to identify trends related to environment resource usage and see how your requirements develop over time. We'll use this data to provide you with helpful recommendations on how to minimise your costs whilst maximising your infrastructure's performance.


Is administering your cloud environment slowing you down?

Got an environment you need to setup frequently? With Gridz you can easily spin up VM's 2-3x quicker than in AWS using our 1-click smart environment templates. 


Use our business focused processes to keep a log of each action and deployment

Whether you are an admin, consultant or finance director, stay in control with our strict user permissions along with following best practices through contracts, change requests and purchase orders to comply with your businesses process and requirements.


See how our services stack up against AWS

Compare your environment costs before any commitment with the click of a button. Gridz will present a comprehensive breakdown to you, covering resource, operating system and bandwidth pricing between cloud providers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Gridz cost?

The Gridz dashboard is forever free!

If you use our private network for cloud services like DR or backup then charges will apply.

The exact cost of our private cloud depends on what you use.

If you register for a free Gridz account, you can see the costs exactly. No surprises.

Can Gridz manage my existing cloud?

Yes, soon you can use it to administer your existing AWS or Azure estate.

You will even be able to create hybrid Environments powered by multiple cloud vendors.

How much time and money can I save using Gridz?

Our initial studies have shown a time saving of around 30% for devops and a 15% cost saving over managing your public cloud infrastructure the traditional way.

Can I use Gridz to manage my SaaS product environment?

Yes, you can.

We already have a number of clients who host SaaS products with us that use Gridz to manage their environments.

Can I use Gridz to manage cloud environment change requests?

Easily done. All changes made within your Gridz Environment are logged by User, action and datestamp.

Changes made within a session can easily be reverted at the click of a button.

Does Gridz utilise AI or machine learning to help automate processes?

Coming later in 2020, we will be implementing machine learning to help automate common environment and platform tasks.

Create an account now to be part of the early access program.

Does Gridz support load balancing?

It does! Load balancing with Gridz is easy and intuitive.

We currently load balance over inbound NAT and plan to offer dedicated packages in the future.

Can I use Gridz to manage my clients cloud?

Yes, you can.

Our sandboxed Environment approach makes the Gridz platform perfect for managing the estate of multiple clients.

Can I select from different VM package sizes?

We take device specs a step further than other cloud vendors.

The performance of your Virtual Machines are defined entirely by you.

You can specify your core count, RAM and storage size with sliders, and pick from a range of storage type options.

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