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How much does Gridz cost?

The Gridz dashboard is forever free!

If you use our private network for cloud services like DR or backup then charges will apply.

The exact cost of our private cloud depends on what you use.

If you register for a free Gridz account, you can see the costs exactly. No surprises.

Can Gridz manage my existing cloud?

Yes, you can use it to administer your existing AWS or Azure estate.

You can even create hybrid Environments powered by multiple cloud vendors.

Can I select from different VM package sizes?

We take device specs a step further than other cloud vendors.

The performance of your Virtual Machines are defined entirely by you.

You can specify your core count, RAM and storage size with sliders, and pick from a range of storage type options.

Does Gridz support load balancing?

It does! Load balancing with Gridz is easy and intuitive.

We currently load balance over inbound NAT and plan to offer dedicated packages in the future.

Can I use Gridz to manage cloud environment change requests?

Easily done. All changes made within your Grids Environment are logged by User, action and datestamp.

Changes made within a session can easily be reverted at the click of a button.

Does Gridz utilise AI or machine learning to help automate processes?

Coming later in 2020, we will be implementing machine learning to help automate common environment and platform tasks.

Create an account now to be part of the early access program.

Can I use Gridz to manage my SaaS product environment?

Yes, you can.

We already have a number of clients who host SaaS products with us that use Gridz to manage their environments.

Can I use Gridz to manage my clients cloud?

Yes, you can.

Our sanboxed Environment approach makes the Gridz platform perfect for managing the estate of multiple clients.

How much time and money can I save using Gridz?

Our initial studies have shown a time saving of around 30% for devops and a 15% cost saving over managing your public cloud infrastructure the traditional way.

Which regions are you located in?

We currently operate in London, Manchester and Singapore, with plans to expand into Los Angeles and Johannesburg later this year.

Do you offer fast storage?

We have a range of storage types available, from high-speed SSD and SAS to ensure application performance, to slower and cheaper SATA storage better suited for holding large quantities of data.

How does pricing work in Gridz?

Environments in Gridz typically operate on a contract basis ranging from as little as one day to three years. Longer term lengths result in significant discounts. We also offer pay-as-you-go and specialised development pricing, which is calculated from the scheduled uptime of your devices.

What if I want to change my contract?

Alterations can be made as Change Requests at any time after your Environment has been provisioned. An overall reduction in resource cost will result in freely usable credit for other items of your choosing.

Can I develop and test my applications on Gridz?

We provide users with the ability to create Development Environments. Development devices run on an uptime schedule of your choosing, and are billed by usage.

Will I get a SLA and guaranteed uptime?

We're proud of our 99.999% uptime. A service level agreement can be negotiated per-Environment before it's provisioned. Our standard SLA will be published on this site soon. Sev1 fix times in an hour anyone?

Will I be able to manage my cloud from my phone or tablet?

We plan on offering basic control utilities on small form factors early next year.

Can you manage my cloud for me?

Yes. We offer various management options on a per-VM or environment basis. Our team of experts are also available to set up your networks, firewall and disaster recovery solutions. Our management also extends to DBA and Devops services. Contact us at for more information.

Can I set up restricted access for specific staff members?

We understand that it's crucial to ensure only the right people have control over your cloud. We offer a range of user types to fulfil common roles, as well as the ability to accommodate contractors and professionals outside of your organisation.

Is it easy to keep my cloud organised?

Keeping your estate well organised in Gridz is trivial; Environments can be pinned, grouped together, and assigned images and tags for easy identification on your dashboard.

How can I contact support?

Our support staff and your designated account manager are reachable directly from Gridz, or via email at

Will I know what I'm paying for before I agree to anything?

The current cost of your selected resources is always visible. You will also be presented with a comprehensive breakdown; complete with unit costs prior to requesting a contract.

How can I keep track of activity in my cloud?

Every users action is kept in a detailed log that is easy to access from the Environment view. The summary of all sessions are sent via email to your designated administrators.

Can Gridz keep me informed of suspected outages or my disk usage?

Device monitoring and alerts can be created for one, for multiple and for all devices in an Environment. A wide range of metrics can be defined to ensure your uptime and continued cloud performance.

Can my cloud automatically scale with performance requirements?

Yes, we incorporate machine learning (ML) to proactively ensure application performance. Talk to our experts to discuss your specific needs.

Is there an API to help us integrate Gridz into our existing technology stack?

We have a well documented API reference available for customer use. Contact us at for more information.

Can you give me a demo?

We'd be happy to demonstrate Gridz to you in person, or over the internet. Just email us at with your details, or fill out the form below, and we'll get right back to you.

Can I use Gridz with my existing AWS estate?

Absolutely. Soon, Gridz will allow you to link your AWS account to an Environment for a seamless, multi-cloud experience. We are finding it popular that people run their DR for AWS or Azure on our cloud. We can take care of all of the doing of it for you too. Contact us at

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